foto-perfil-2015 After 15 years acting in Communication and Marketing area for International companies and coordinating all types of events, I realized how charming small celebrations are.

In my daily life I was involved with major trade shows, lectures, press conferences, product launches, visits from authorities in Brazil and other Latin American countries, but were the breakfasts, brunches and events for a private group of people that made my eyes shine.

With this view I settled every detail of my wedding, which had 100 guests and was held on a beautiful July morning at the church São José, in São Paulo.

Since then, many changes have happened and to my delight my beloved Giuliana and Gustavo came into my life and showed me how to share true love in every moment.

They inspired me to create Small Weddings and share my ideas, passions, colors, textures, the beauty that lies in simple gestures and especially to show that you can plan a small but memorable wedding.